Andhra Fans Expecting Enthiran Release

Andhra Fans Expecting Enthiran Release

Rajinikanth’s latest Tamil film ‘Enthiran’ seems to be taking both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh by storm. Rajinikanth has a huge fan base among Telugu Diaspora across the world and it’s a known fact that most of his films enjoy bumper openings and long run in Andhra Pradesh as well. This is exactly the reason why the complete rights for his films continue to be sold at astronomical prices.

Enthiran Most Awaited Film By Rajini & Shankar

Enthiran Most Awaited Film By Rajini & Shankar

But ‘Enthiran’ which has been tentatively titled as ‘Robo’ in Telugu has two other reasons for this unprecedented hype. First, it’s being directed by none other than, Shankar, who knows best how to churn out commercial blockbusters and it’s the 175thfilm from AVM Studios. Among many other things which the film is being talked about for, the most prominent things are Aishwarya Rai and Rajnikanth’s combination, Rajinikanth’s avatar as a Robot. Thefilm will also be the costliest film even made in India. Keeping all these factors in mind, two leading producers from Telugu film Industry are said to be competing to secure the complete rights of ‘Robo’ for entire Andhra Pradesh.

Sources say that these producers have quoted a whopping sum of Rs.26 crores for the complete rights including the Satellite rights for thefilm. We will have to wait and see who would have the last laugh in securing these rights of Rajinikanth and Shankar’s magnum opus!

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  1. Enthiran releast in August guys…

    Start the posters preparation.

    Yahoo… i am waiting waiting and waiting.

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  3. we are waitting for endiran

  4. Dont provide wrong information. Its not produced by AVM studios, it is produced by sun pictures of sun TV group

  5. we are waitting for the real Avatar of great superstar

  6. The world waiting film……
    Endian countdown starts….

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