Enthiran Audio Release Auditorium

Enthiran Audio Release Auditorium

Enthrian Audio Release & Enthiran Songs Launch at putrjaya-auditorium

Enthrian Audio Release & Enthiran Songs Launch at putrjaya-auditorium

Enthrian Song Released today at Malaysia. Enthiran Movie Team & Celebrities from India have participated and enjoyed the Enthiran Audio Launch Function. ThinkMusic have got the Tamil Copyright of Enthiran Mp3 Songs . The contract was estimated around 7 to 8 Crores. Additonally the Hindi Copyright of Enthiran Mp3 songs seems to be acquired by Venus. But the estimates have not been disclosed yet. If you are looking for enthiran mp3 free download, just try to avoid Enthiran Mp3 Downloads & Enthiran Songs online. Soon you will get Enthiran Audio Cd & Enthiran Audio Cassettes available in your Shops Nearby. We are most excited to watch the Enthiran Movie on big screen by September 03 2010.

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77 Responses to “Enthiran Audio Release Auditorium”

  1. Abu hassa… you suck. Superstar is our hero and you are not at all have rights to speak in front of tamilians. Try once by speaking face to face of any of ours. Naye endha Thev.. payada hero vadhu originalitiya velila varuvanungala? Thala varuvaruda… Film nale drama adhula vesham podama epadida nadikradhu ? Ne oru Thev payada Abu hassa.

  2. Emo!!!! People who really care for this human demand for something more wise and seek for a National Award type performance.Coz soon he will die and people will only remember his ciggi tricks.

    And selfish people who dont give a damn about this mans ending will only demand typical heroism and beautiful jodi and an oppurtunity to dance in the cinema.

    The forum have shown the class of the fans and Rajini should be a shame of such simple minded and emotional defence.You guys failed him with all his off screen wisdom talk.

    Rajini will forever be the joke of the world.Thanks to you such imbecilic fans.Bravo Bravo

  3. Everyone just wanna make money and milk this guy for maximum profit.Didnt you read that all Rajini have to do is be there and sit still and do what he was told.What an insult to A SO CALL SUPERSTAR being treated like a plastic puppett.And the fans go crazy for it!!!!!

  4. we know rajini for decades.. we have seen his success and failures (a few). we know more about him than people from any other state. we are his fans not only because of his movie appearance or styles. we are fans of his principles also. Abu hassan, u can talk anything u want to. but, the truth remains. dont under estimate any one. we (tamils) are not fools to go behind appearance or any other attractions or stylish behaviors. from a distance u can see those things only. Rajini is a yogic personality. he is simple, humble and down to earth. he has always guided his fans in right directions towards their duties. from your comments, i can understand that u have a strong opinion (delusion) of yours. what ever Rajini or Tamils do, u will comment like this only. we don’t have time to listen or reply or convince such stupid ideas. kindly don’t engage this guy friends.

  5. adi serupale! damn it first you yourself look you damn face in the mirror and talk about OUR UNIVERSAL SUPER STAR’

    If ce to see you in person you will 1000 pieces doll


    God DaMN It shows that how much you admir him and enjoyed each and every single style he does. MOTHER FUCKER you should go to some Pyschic for copnsultant Bastard… next time when I see you in this Column ……. NAAN ORU THADAVA SONNA ?????????? ha ha ha ha ABU THE SON OF MOTHER FUCKER

  7. I support you Abu.Only stupid and low class pariah fellas will support Rajini.Now you know their state been looked down and ignored by the rest of India.Just look at their points,cant you see thier stupidity.Please dont educate this pariah fellas coz they wont understand and will respond with violence.No educated indians with class and brains will support Rajini like this.Wait till you see the milk bath and sambrani havoc they do in Chennai.What to do.Every society got their own dirty pariah scums.

  8. Mohan Lal Fan,its not a nice word to but nevertheless-its really disappointing to see the state of things in this land of great history.TAMIL NADU.


    They wont even say people like Thiruvalavar,Kamaraj,CV Raman,Chidambaram Pillai,Srinivasa Ramanujam and Periyar?They dont even know what they went through to be held heroes.They dont even enjoy such following compared to Rajini and Vijay coz the Madrasis are just too pea brained to think for them selves and absord every rubbish that fed through cinema.And if you say something truthful and valid about Rajini and Vijay,ALL THEY HAVE IS VULGARITY AND THREAT AND RIOT BLINDLY.

    This is the state of mind when it comes to these types of Madrasis.Im glad that there are people who are more sane in Chennai who can see beyond this type of thinking (even if thinking exist)and set the record straight and hail those grassroot leaders and true social reformers who are sleeping and working at the slums and villages with dedication and honesty.

    This is the sad state of this people.They forgotten the meaning of being a hero and the struggle of thier fore fathers.For them heroes are only those portrayed in cinema and tv.Its so easy to fool the madrasis with simple punch dialogues and ciggarette flicking style.

    Im very very sure that Rajini will just be an ignored and forgotten person for all his off screen efforts if he is not a movie star.I REST MY CASE.CHENNAI NEED TO GET ITS RUBBISH CLEANED UP.

  9. Manick and Baasha.

    How funny.Do you actually think people enjoy the style and performance of Rajini?I do of course just like how i enjoy Senthil and Vadivellu.For me watching Rajini is a great show of non stop slapstick comedy.I will laugh my heart out when he does his so call style.haha.

    Dont assume that im staying under a coconut shell in Chennai to be amused by Rajini’s tricks and acting.

    As ive said before.I have no prob with Rajini the human being as i read with great interest of his human journey of being alcoholic and his mental breakdown and how he bounced back to spirituality and humility.Saying that i wont call him Thalaivar or anything as i dont hold his political endeavours of much values.His messages are merely political entertainment with simplistic approach and 1 man heroism that is highly fantasy and romantic in nature.It also lacks messages of activism or organising tools or ideas and accountable actions.Ive not seen any public activism program done by Rajini.Its only humanitarian and its just OK for a person of such wealth to throw some back to the needy.

    Please know that it takes your parents and your religious leaders and not some Cinema stars.Be it Rajini,Vijay or even Vadivelu.

    I REST MY CASE.HELP TAMIL NADU TO GROW UP.Nowadays any idiot who have involved in cinema wants to be politician and believe he can win coz of what Rajini have set as a believe system in T.Nadu.

  10. I can only see the childish fury of jealous people.No way, your idolized stars can never or be at par with Rajini the Superstar. Very far indeed, your idols have fallen into the drain.How much is Rajini worth and how many pennies do your idolized star earn per film.Go to sleep and only dream away.Small boys!

  11. all the guys who support rajni in here i say don’t argue with idiots coz they drag yu down to there level….. Be cool everyone knows rajni our superstar he z the best so jus be cool man no worries…

  12. Otha baadu yevanda avan thalaivara thitunavan…

  13. The State of Tamil Nadu will be a beacon of India once the elements like Shiyan,KKK and all those of similar mentality could grow up and take live outside of cinema and stop thinking that Rajini is some hero.Its a movie dude.In real live humans dont fly and beat 100 people with one hand.Grow up and be entertained just like how you watch Superman and Spiderman.

    But dont you get too emotional with absorbing them into your empty lives and treat them like some social icon and saviour or even as your political leader.GET REAL MADRASI.

    And being jealous and all? GOOODNESS.Why would anyone bring him self down to such low level to even admire Rajini’s movie characters.I KNOW ITS A MOVIE AND ITS NOT REAL.

  14. Dei Abu Hassan mama bin tulka.


    So you alreadly knew its a movie right.
    If have money go and see the movie else just sucks the loli-pop
    at home and sleep.

  15. Dei Boss,why dont you advise your madrasi goons the same as its not me who is making a god and political hero out of Rajini’s acting.I will go for a Rajini movie for a good slapstick entertainment for sure alright.

    Dei Boss, your thalaiva thought you new terms i guess though the tulkas in india are far more civilised and clean then you street shitting drunkard …

  16. Abu Hassan…dont speak like u swallowed shit….im from malaysia
    and im an INDIAN….im proud of what an indian can accompolish while acting…Superstar lives in every indians heart….dont YOU dare insult him.All of you guys are just not satisfied with him.BY the way,WHO INVITED YOU GUYS TO THIS SITE ANYWAY?…if you dont like him shut the damn fuck off….seriously what the hell is this piece of shit doing here….asshole!!!!

  17. Raaj.Rajini DONT LIVE IN THE HEARTS OF EVERY INDIAN.What you think all Indians are from Chennai and tasteless in movies and acting is it? So what did Rajini achieved through his acting? Dont you equate Rajini to other Indian actors who strive for quality and character.Stick to the issue and dont hide by draging the entire continent for your shallow yet emotional comments.As a person who follows tamil movies and its progress – i have all the right to be here and make my comments for the betterment and representing the other indians who wants progress in their films of thier mother tongue.Who are you to question me? Indian Internet Board or Rajini’s self appointed toilet paper?

  18. you know what….i still dont knw why u are still alive..anyhow good luck for “”representing”” people who wants progress..

  19. abu hassan , i thing u r a kamal hassan fan . all rajini fans keep quite , abu is a mother fucker . live him . pls dont answer him hereafter .

  20. Manjula.Why must you scandalise another actor to attack me?Im sure all true Rajini fans who care for his future and standing in society will agree with me and idiots who think Rajini is like some alcoholic drink forthemto get high and jump around the cinema will think like you and throw vulgur words.Thats so Thalaivar!!!!!

    You think Kamal didnt do disgusting movies like Dasavatharam that will haunt him till his death for being the running joke of the vulaga cinema industry.A big black mark in his co call illustrious career.

  21. rajni sir is a great actor.he has done a great deal of movies ranging from sentiment to stylish movies.who said its all about his style(though he has a great style)?see all of his movies and open your “M” hole.and dhasaavathaaram is a great movie from a great actor.keep your m-hole shut.
    can u show variation with a single muscle on your face while u speak?he did that with 10 different roles.
    acting is not a easy course.it could be said from the life of the legend who has 50 yrs experience in acting.
    think before u speak.
    do u call rajni sir fans as stupid and low class pariah fellas.dont get before them.they will show you what they could do when they see you.dont get upto the river(thalapathies of thalaivar sir) that flows from the source, the mountain(thalaivar).it will flood you.


  22. Hello Evana

    You said so well about your kind.Perfect description.So,you think Dasavatharam was awesome.HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Even Potatoheads would rank better looking at such flimsy script and the make ups.WOW.SO Awesome.HAHAHAHAHAHA.Dasavatharam was a black mark on Kamal’s carrer.I was disgusted with the movie.Kamal playing Bush.Yucks.

    When you Madrasis gonna acquire the taste for better quality and mature production.No wonder people look so down on the downers.

  23. Mr.,
    The comments posted is of yours and it should be posted on private blogs not on endhirans
    Acting is also a talent and playing this game is very difficult.Show me the actors who claimed their names among people.Getting a national award is different from getting applauds from people.Its higher than an oscar.Rather i m not a rajni fan but i am good watcher of rajni movies.since i have settled down in china i can find people who applaud certain celebrities and rajni one among them.just get to know about film industry and speak about it or if u got talent,prove it.rather don not use your own slang of languages to kill thousands of hearts.Be private and keep in private among your friends
    Note:- Do not open these statements among public in chennai,if do so somebody from the public will kick ur ass.

  24. That just shows how civilised the Madrasis are.Being all emotional for some plain dumb acting.How smart and respectable.

    Hello..people can applaud to even a monkey doing a street trick.Get your priorities right mate.Look at how much tamil movies got accepted all over the world beside the madrasi madness.

    This is a public space and as a person who engage in tamil movies,i have the right to criticise.

  25. abu , paavam da nee . neeyum romba naala ularura. enna panna vadivelu comedy madhiri irukku un opinion . nee oru comedy picee da . paavam unnaiyum ungamma valakuragalae . avang enna povam pannagalo unna pethadhukku . adutha jenmathulayavadhu loosa perakkama , buthisalaya pera . po pai buttipal kudichittu thoongu

  26. Hye…i like enthiran movie very much…i want 2 tell rajini something…
    1.don’t stop 2 act
    2.please act with beautiful actress

    That’s good!!!good luck!!!

  27. Read this comment carefully – it’s not on topic it’s just a little something to give you a smile and say thanks for your hard work on this blog!

    Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. 🙂

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