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irector Shankar will give much importance to comedy all in his films.

Enthiran comedy scene shot at Anushka beauty parlour at Indira Nagar in Adyar.

This scene involves Rajini and Robo Rajini.

In that scene, Rajini says the below dialogue to the hair stylist  “Velaya paarumma, idhu oru robot than”

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5 Responses to “how to gain trust with your girlfriend via text”

  1. hope that scene would be nice ,like vanga pazhagalam in Sivaji

  2. Enthiran will be the most expecting movie around the worldwide

  3. A world will never seen such a success – ENTHIRAN

  4. WHo is doing the comedy role in this film?

  5. […] boyfriend what to do when your in love with your ex ways to get your boyfriend back after break up how to gain trust with your girlfriend via text e this week 11/6 -11/12.  Give a HUGE thanks to Tami for typing this all up AND for matching up […]