Enthiran Latest News

Enthiran Latest News

Super Star Rajinikanth In Enthiran

Super Star Rajinikanth In Enthiran

Shankar has hired a young boy who has a doctorate in robotics, this young boy is the 2nd son of Vairamuthu, Karkhi who like his father wrote the lyrics for songs but stasis an assistant shankar because as I’ve said previously he has a PhD in Australia. enthiran So the film is not imported how there are specialist as you can see

NOW the team of Shankar is a chennai finally some scene of the film, they are exactly Sirucheri SIPCOT industrial estate it has learned that shankar has bought a strange brand volvo bus he converted into satellite remote sensing lab, which has cost 50 lakhs, knowing that 60 lakhs approximately 1600 euro so do the math.

In the scene the gang antique robot in the bus, but that seems rajini is not present in the shooting, it’s some place else that will make this scene into a robot rajini .

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  3. talaivar look awesome…
    he is always young..

  4. supre star

  5. one of the best star in the world
    is super star rajini

  6. yatre vayasayalum rajni thanne super star

  7. even sonnalum thalaivara mincha mudiyathuda……..he is god of tamil cinema……….

  8. Thalivar thalivar than da………. GGG

  9. hai

    h r u ?

  10. even sonnalum thalaivara mincha mudiyathuda……..he is god of tamil cinema……….

  11. rajini is only superstar he get ascar award for the filn robo

  12. Pannikathan kootama varam singam singala than varum

    Athu than namm thalaivar stlye

  13. machi thalaivar ennakum toppu machi

  14. machi thalai top first in world …superstar fans…

  15. vannakkam thalaiva……robo super megahit

  16. One of the great personality in World cinema.Not only as an actor but as a roll model with a humble down to earth ATTITUDE..!!!!

    Singam Thaniya tha Varum >>!!

  17. The first Science fiction and Shankars Dream movie will get 100% success.

  18. Enthiran” Director Shankar belongs to our Thanjavore distric.

    Really we proud of it.

  19. Dear shankar final u have found the real hero, for this movie, u wasted time by going to sharukh. yaar

  20. i love superstar

  21. I LOVE ENDHIRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. endhiran will be a BIG hit comparing with other rajni films.

  23. all the best thalaiva

  24. thalaivarna Summavaa ….

  25. super star endrum rajini than…………..

  26. http://bit.ly/ai8Y0a
    Enthiran Result from Preview Show
    Great Info about the songs, but movie not so encouraging.

  27. This Endiran is almost like a cortoon movie. Director Shankar always handle ‘BLACK MONEY’. Ask him to watch tamil movie “PASANGA” can he give such healthy movie which has excellent subject to younger generation. I challenge he cant.

    It is very difficult to understand Endiran film. This film is fully copy of old movies from Rajni. As a super star fan I am not happy of the outcome of this movie.

    I am from south Tamil Nadu. We decided to boycott this film.

    We asked our friends and fans to do some better social work instead of spending much money by going to theater and watch such useless and comic movie ENDIRAN.


  28. agree with Mr.Mahews statement

  29. I too agree with Mathews and Mani. I am from Chennai, a software engineer. This Endiran filme is totally bocus one. Songs are not good, picturization is some what good.
    Story is blunder. 40% of the movie used by graphics which audiences does not like.

    My team decided to see at Sun TV.

    Within 3 moths SUN TV will telcost this utter flap film.


  30. You may Embrace any religion that is your wish.
    I can’t urge you to join any religion.

    Similarly, You can watch pasanga, that’s your wish and watching both pasanga and Enthiran is my wish.
    You can’t urge me to not to watch this film.
    Opinions differ from person to person.

    There is no use in compelling others wish in the name of opinion.


  32. Mathew,main,Joseph
    they spent more money improve entertainment
    don’t command like that


    Robo – wat a film, i am speechless

    This film is filled with outstanding performance of Rajani, technical support, only things that i felt is little bit lag in story. meanwhile such type of film, no need of story line. overall its an entertainment movie.

    Rajani – superb performance as a villan comparatively to hero. mosquito speech clipinings are utter flop one.

    standard film while compared to other Rajani ‘s tamil film, especially this things you peoples can identify- when introduction of Rajni “not added any vulgur/idiotic background music/actions, just like in previous movies.”.

    After a long time back, i am watching such an Indian film, normally such type of feelings am getting when used to watch “AAMIR KHAN” movies.I appreciate/saluting the Tamil movie industry & kalanidhi maran, with their hardwork/effort to stand some steps ahead than any other Indian language movie.still appreciating the producer dareness to invest such huge amount for an Indian film.

    This Film can make competition with other hollywood movies too. what a clarity of this movie. We peoples should support such type of indian movies, so that our own films also get a platform with other hollywood movies too..I am little bit disappointed when i saw the names of western peoples in supporting list.

    What a rush in theatre around India, Robo running 2 to 3 theatre in each cities, then too..

    100% wortwhile film, No doubt…”Robo – Rocks”…Thanks.

  34. Hi ….

    Movie is worth watching once!

    I dont believe in people who sit in the gallery and tell how sachin should have played that ball.

    likewise knowng few technical terms, one cannot comment on the concept of Robot. Sujatha & Shankar has done some good creative (though fictious) work which is worth an entertainment piece.

    Suggestion for Shankar is, do not belive in few good scences or climax always, ensure frame by frame it is good. Though i found some unintresting scenes that dragged the picture a bit, i am sure u r a capable director.Expectation is high on u,star casting & lavish scenes are always complimentryand not the main.

    One more cautious point is ,though ur a good director, avoid creating more hype or expectation.at times it may turn against u !

  35. enthiran the movie ,must come 10 years before . Now no meaning cause people already see many robo movie ,i hope next time indian director can think very fast.

  36. Enthiran is a overall a good movie but couldn’t notice a 3 year productive hard work (with 200 crore in hand) from Shankar and Crew. That too a dream coming true for Shankar has now made me think that he is not much a capable director.Stuff in Shankar seems to be very less. Luckily for Shankar Superstar accepted the movie which is the only reason the movie would be a great success. Shankar should be very grateful to Superstar. But for Superstar, if it has been Shahrukh, Kamal or anybody else, sure shot can not get the cost. The producers would have been in deep trouble if the Phenomenon(Thalaivar) has not supported the movie on his shoulders.

    PLUS of the movie:
    Rajnikanth, Super Star – The Phenomenon, Super Star’s acting, Thalivar, Thalaivar, Thalaivar

    MINUS of the movie:
    Very poor screenplay as handled by Shankar. Focussed much on graphics and big hole in screenplay. It was disappointing to many of thalaivar fans (even to those who were not expecting a typical Thalaivar movie).
    Speed of the movie looked too slow due to poor screenplay and badly positioned song sequences. Shankar,in my opinion, has been so far a LUCKY director and has to learn screenplay from better directors in the industry. Shankar was little over confident which I think is one of the reason for his lost focus on screenplay. BAD JOB BY SHANKAR (For the given time, money and stars available).

    MY WISH – Thalaivar should give a chance to directors like Murugadoss, K.S.Ravikumar, Gautam, K.V.Anand, Tharani, Vishnuvardan, Hari or Lingusamy who handle screenplay in a very good way. Want to see a Fast Thalaivar movie like Baasha, Annamalai or Padayappa once again


  37. Rajini looks old and haggard
    Songs are lousy
    Movie is kadi
    I need headache pills

  38. I agree with Mathews on Enthiran

  39. I am a Rajini Fan. I have missed from Rajini what i expected his movies regularly. I was impressed with Shankar till see the movie.But not now. So many hollywood movies are better than this movie. Basically such a superstar is not required for this movie. Any simbu or danush or madhavan is enough. Finallay Shankar achived his ambition as degrading rajini. Mau be political motive.

  40. Rajini the ROBO – there are mixed view among us. Some say bad, some say good, but the thing here is nobody have the gut to spend such a huge money to come out this film. Critics is simply but i think the way Shangkar does might not be the best…but this is the one and only movie with high graphics and robotic effects 3D. I think the credit should go to the Phd (robotic) Mr Karkih (vairamuthu 2nd son) and all the technician. I enjoy the graphic and robotics action compare to the movie itself.
    It may not be as par to Avatar, but it is definitely the 1st attempt of Indian Cinema. Congratulation.

  41. hey u guys…
    can u talk sumthing sensible?
    y r u guys are condemning this hollywood range type of movie?
    aren’t u guys are proud that sumone from india made us indian frm all
    around the world makes proud that we indians
    can match a movie that is at the level best of hollywood?
    we indians also can make sci-fi movie?
    can’t u guys understand?
    pls stop making complaints and support them…
    this msg goes esp to matthews

  42. wow…fantastic.amazing thalaiva…so so so wonderful film.
    who else can bit you.you are the star,moon and sun in this yuga.
    no words to say……you are really great………..
    you humanoid human.
    Thalaiva faster make another film faster…………….

  43. This is the first Indian Cinema which has touched the qualities of hollywood movies and it is on par with those stuffs. Nobody can degrade enthiran. As already enthiran has smashed all the Indian Box Office Records. Those who have commented against robot “Stupids can cross their fingers across the mouth and shit”.

    Frame to Frame the hardwork of the entire crew is visible. You can show your hand in your face and say I have stopped the sun light. But the sun light is more powerful and bright you cannot stop it with two hands. Some times dog barks against sun and it is going to do nothing against SUN. This is the same in this case. Enthiran – Robot – Rajini RockZZZZZZZ.

  44. cool movie….loved it hats off to the cast and crew…rajni danny and aishwarya…santhanam and other sideactors excellent job

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