Enthiran- Super report from Dubai

The first public show of Enthiran was held at Dubai today early in the morning. The buzz seems to be good about the film. As one of the persons who saw the film said “Enthiran Oru Manthiran.

Enthiran- Super report from Dubai

Enthiran- Super report from Dubai

The feedback has been positive, though people say “it is not a typical Rajinikanth film, it’s more a Shankar technical wizardry. But the last 15 minutes of the film is spellbinding and would go down as one of the best climax scenes in recent times.”

Meanwhile shows have started in other parts of the world, though the first public show in Chennai would be around 4 am now, in one of the suburban theatres. Potentially Enthiran will be a hit in tamil nadu, I heard Tata Company employees have blocked the entire first show in Kasi Theatre,Ashok Nagar chennai and watching the Special show of Enthiran now @ 05:00 AM.

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