Enthiran visual effects by hollywood companies



Enthiran film is the mega budget film in tamil cialis pharmacy industry till date. Many technical crew members from hollywoods industry are ropped in for the Enthiran film such as Mary E Vogt for designing the scientific outfits, Stan Winston Studio (USA) for Animatronics and Yuen Woo Ping for stunt in

the Enthiran film. They all worked for many hollywoods films.

Now another interesting fact is that many Hollywood companies are ropped in for visual effects (VFX) in the mega budget Enthiran film.

Hollywood companies like ILM, Tippet, Cafe EFX; and Hong Kong companies like Centro and Menfond are involved in Enthiran visual effects (VFX).

I hope that it will be a great visual treat to all superstar fans, all over the world.

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7 Responses to “Enthiran visual effects by hollywood companies”

  1. Near to Mr.superstar i think it is lollu saba santhnam…………….

  2. will the graphics and visual effects will
    look as REAL or REAL ??

  3. real only , not reel sams

  4. who is d comedian in enthiran??

  5. The comedians are Vivek and Santhanam, ms.mugambigai

  6. Asia’s biggest movie will be solalio.
    buts its to be released as if it belonged to US.
    But aniciouse corporatio n is Indian

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