Enthiran – Yogi B sings for This Movie

A. R. Rahman who is the music director of the film has confirmed that Yogi B has indeed sung a song for the film. Moreover, he added that the Malaysian singer was in his studio a while back with regards to Enthiran.

Singer Yogi B who has made his presence felt in the Tamil film industry with some spectacular songs, has been roped in to sing a song for the mammoth production ‘Enthiran’ that stars superstar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya generic viagra online if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link123″).style.display=”none”;} Rai Bachchan.



Everything about ‘Enthiran’ is shrouded with complete secrecy as is the case with every Shankar film.

‘Enthiran’ produced by Sun Pictures will be ready for release in 2010.

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9 Responses to “Enthiran – Yogi B sings for This Movie”

  1. yogi B is good rap singer,impressed me in poladavan song (Engeyum Yepodham)

  2. i heard the song.. i was thought that song is not from Enthiran but after see this news, now its conformed, this song is from Enthiran


    sure the yogi B rocks

  3. this song doesn’t impress me.. if we hear repeatedly, it may sound good

  4. it is not enthiran song and the voice of the song is not yogi b’s its dr.burns voice….it 100% sure that song is not from enthiran….

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