Rajini’s intro song in Enthiran!

Rajini’s intro song in Enthiran!

Sticking on to the old sentiment of Rajini films, his latest much waited forthcoming flick ‘Enthiran’ will also have an intro song on Rajinikanth which was sung by famous singer singer S P Balasubramaniam.

The lyrics of the Enthiran song will go like this… ‘Naan kandadhu aararivu, nee kondadhu perarivu’ (I have witnessed six senses, you are bestowed with erudition) Naan ‘katradhu aaru mozhi, nee katradhu nooru mozhi’ (I have learnt six languages, you have learnt hundred languages)

The main theme of ‘Enthiran’ is all about a brilliant scientist Dr Vaseegaran who is always interested in creating innovative things, will made a robot that looks like exactly human and introduces to the world. At one point of time, it goes out of control and makes in many events.

Enthiran Dialogue Tamil Naan kandadhu aararivu, nee kondadhu perarivu

Enthiran Dialogue English ( I have witnessed six senses, (but) you are bestowed with erudition )

Enthiran Dialogue Tamil Naan katradhu aaru mozhi, nee katradhu nooru mozhi

Enthiran Dialogue English ( I have learnt six languages (but) you have learnt hundred languages )

Already it is known that the Enthiran Songs / Enthiran audio is going to be released on July 31st in a grand event at Kaula Lampur.

Wait for few days to hear the Enthiran SongsEnthiran audio soon.

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  1. stills are super o super.. rajini is only the great

  2. Super THALAIVA

  3. Super THALAIVA


  5. The only Ever green star-Super star

  6. Stillla partha summa athiruthulla thanks to Shankar to show our super star in great and youth manner.

  7. star is always star no one can beat him ne kallaku tallaiva

  8. unga styl aaa addika inee orru van porranthu vanthallum mudiyathu

  9. ennaku romba khasstama iruku enna tallaivar padatha realise annaikey parrka muddiyatu bcoz naan kuwait ia irrukan

  10. wow wat a style thaliva klakala iruku …….iam waiting for the movie…….

  11. i love rajini…..

  12. Thalaiva ugaluku suthi podanum… All the best…

  13. loose super star…..

  14. wow super,superstar.from,sri lanka

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