Rajini itself speaks about Enthiran




Rajinikanth speaks some words about enthiran during a press meet.

He said that this film story was told to him before 10 buy cialis cheap us years itself.

He also include that this film will bring fame to our country as well as to our Tamilnadu.

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6 Responses to “Rajini itself speaks about Enthiran”

  1. ya very super thalaivar speech

  2. hope ENTHIRAN won’t disappoint us as KANTHASAAMI.i want to see this movie more more more better than CHANDRAMUKHI and SIVAJI. Sivaji disappoint me a bit. Hope there wont be any meaningless songs in this science fiction movie. anbuden m.mahendran, Malaysia

  3. ya very good point Mr.john mahendra prabhu. Shivaji is made in a huge budget but huge amount of money is wasted in songs itself.

    Lets wait for the movie to be released.

  4. @john mahendra prabhu
    actually u have many unwanted song and things in this movie …….since it shud suit large audience……then dont imagine this movie like hollywood movie (terminator) …it would be like chinese movie(crouching tiger)…..it is long way ahead (hollywood)…we cant reach it also…they spend 200 million dollars …..we dont even have 5% of their budget ……so dont have vivid imagiantion…..it wil be ordinary movie….with lots of action scene….and graphics…

    source a friend told me working in the ENTHIRAN MOVIE GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT………..

  5. dear rajini sir i wish a very best for the up coming film enthiran we all ur fans throughout the globe r awaiting to see yet another block buster.we wish u a long & peacefull life.

  6. this is another Baba for rajnikanth , so producer Maran ready to accept failure and loss , i heard maran saying he has not paid single rupee for this Movie to Rajni , let Movie came will see
    best Advice to sankar , donot Real Mix Holly woodstyle for Rajni Fans . where they will be happy to hit 100 of fighter , if that will enough failure for this movie in west and other countries