There have been reports that director Shankar had included a few political dialogues in Enthiran.

When questioned about this, he said that it was true indeed. Shankar clarifies that he included the dialogues only after discussing it with the Superstar. According to the director, when he disclosed about the dialogues to Rajini, he merely smiled and did

not object to it.

However, the Superstar made one request, which is not to target any particular politician or political party, he added. Shankar opines that Rajini must enter if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link25″).style.display=”none”;} politics as he has a huge fan base that can be converted to a political force to bring in the necessary change in the society. He felt that this force and power should not go waste.

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  1. Well thats interesting.Lets see whether
    Shankar can motivate
    Rajni to enter in the political side. Hope it should be a punch dialogue based on some political leaders in the movie
    Endhiran the Robot Wishing all success for
    Endhiran the Robot

  2. Rajini is the young hero…and super star of tamilnadu

  3. I want waiting to enthiran release , it so funny stills have this,rajni sir look is very very wentastic, i like that style n handsume n power of silence n dn talking about extra,we r very impress to enthiran film because that stylish, rajni sir and shankar sir combination is to good from the movie of shivaji more than 100times of power to this movie in enthiran, so we r very very intrested to the movie……………………
    The Bosssssssssss

  4. I n my family waiting to enthiran release
    I hope this movies The best movies of the year 2010
    I pray babaji long life to superstar
    Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum

  5. I am one of THE SUPER STAR RAJINIKANTH’s fans. Now I am living in Australia. We are excited to see ENTHIRAN. I am 40 now. But I feel that still I am a teen ager beccause of THALAIVAR RAJINIKANTH. I like RAJNI to come forward to lead a political party that can eradicate bribe in TAMIL NADU. COME ON THALAIVA! COME ON! We will be back bone of you!

    A Fan of SUPER STAR

  6. moondrelthil engal urir irukkum. andha uririnum mel engal thalaivar peyar irukkum.

  7. rajini is the only superstar to the universe

  8. I am only RAJINIKANTH fan
    I am all saw in the Rajinikanth film
    so I am waiting for enthiran
    I am confirm 1000day run successful
    Rajinikanth is a faverite hero of the man
    so I am waiting for endhiran film and song

  9. enthiran is become a world popularity in tamil cinema so tahlaivar thalaivaruthan…………….

  10. Dear Moderator,

    Please don’t publish commnents by ppl who can’t even string a few words in a grammatical order. It paints a negative impression of rajini fans (Not all are bumbling baboons). I’m a die hard rajini fan, but at least I have the courtesy to spell check whatever I decide to post on a public forum.

  11. im also waiting for enthiran release.
    there is no limit for rajinikanth(thalaivar) success. it will increase for his every film.

  12. Rajini is a visionary person. He believes that ‘the system’ is making everyone dumb and it is so true. He is the best example to anyone who thinks you need a degree or high end college to prosper. Politics is corrupt, I am sure he is telling a message to politicians in general. Rajini fan forever!

  13. Hi!

    Eagerly waiting for ‘Enthiran’ as a festival
    ” ” ‘Thalaivar’ like world fans
    ” ” ‘Rahman songs’ as Fire
    ” ” ‘Shankar sir’ for his Dream project
    ” ” ‘sujatha’s novel as film
    ” ” ‘all the Technicians’ who works.
    ” ” ‘stan winston studios’ works

    Rajini sir

    Please come to politics as we trust you.
    You could make revolution sir.
    You already did much services for cinema.
    Now it’s time to serve directly to the poeple.

  14. Evanevano varan arasiyaluku ne varakoodatha thalaiva?

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