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What makes Rajini fight like a Tiger?

  Only close friends from his childhood know that Rajnikanth always had an inclination for acting. brings you this exclusive bit of news about Rajinikanth Childhood. His father, Shri Ramoji Rao Gaikwad, was a constable in the Karnataka Police and a strict disciplinarian too. It was said that when his father was on duty […]

Happy Birthday Dear RajiniKanth

Happy Birthday Dear RajiniKanth

Happy Birthday RajiniKanth Todays Date : 12 – 12 – 2009 Thalaivar Age : 60 Years Birthday Celebration : @ Enthiran Shooting in Pune. Events outside Chennai : Rajini Involving himself on civic activities like planting of trees, cleaning of roads, etc & welfare activities like blood donation camps. Chennai Events : Rajini’s Arunachala Inn […]