Top 10 Question about the flim ENTHIRAN!!!

Enthiran Movie

1. Who is Isaac Asimov mentioned in the movie?
Isaac Asimov is the father of robotics who created three laws for the robotics. All the robots which are created should follow his rules. All the three laws have the basic concept that robot should not harm the human beings.

2. How come Chitti suddenly uses staking rollers in foot in railway tracks?

In the robotic conference scene, Vaseegaran said that Chitti, the robot has an inbuilt vehicle. So he uses the inbuilt vehicle on a track.

3. How it is possible to program all the words in a language to robot?

Yes, It is not possible to program all the words in a language to robot. In the scene when Chitti was driving Vaseegaran to the park he does not put the break, Auto driver comes and say “Savugraki”. Chitti suddenly utters “New word Savugraki”. So Chitti also does not know some words in the language.

4. Your answer to Q3 you are saying new word will not be used by Chitti, but when Aishwarya is saying I wasted the time and I don’t know what to do for tomorrow’s exam. Chitti using the word “Zigbee” showing with victory symbol?
Hi “Zigbee: is a word. Zigbee is the protocol for USB3.0 transmitter which is used for the high tech bit in the exam in the film.

5. How Chitti charges himself in the train scene and comes to save Aishwariya?

Because at that time he has no feelings.

Your question should be answered in two ways.

Robot is programmed in such a way that it should automatically charge during low battery time. It is explained in the train scene, as soon as he gets down with the low battery he falls down searching for a plug point….and that’s why he catches a rowdy’s xyz part and he falls… soon as he was thrown out of the train….he picks up the current box and charges himself…..even in boom boom song….Shankar has showed a scene that robot charges himself.

In the second way, if you watch the previous scene carefully while Ash caught on copying, and she will say CHITTI as mental. But Chitti will say at that time “Incomplete task”. So he will go to the roof and use vision technology for copying.

In the same method the task was incomplete for Chitti when he fell down from the train so he charged up himself with the battery to save Aishwarya Rai.

6. Titanium can withhold 1000 degrees but when its got heated its temperature will increase to 600 degrees so when Chitti is holding the girl and infant with his hand probably she will die? Explain this logic.
When Chitti is running to save the people from fire, coolant valves activated message will appear. Probably this will rapidly cool the titanium. These kind of messages are used so brilliantly throughout the film. For example, after the robot seminar, when bunch of girls ask for photo, when they take photo with Chitti, when the flash comes, Chitti display shows ‘vision blur’ and that method was used in climax fight also.
The Most Important Scene of the Film

7. How does Chitti say the blood group of Dr.Vasi just in a sight while he sees the drop in the floor?
Chitti has inbuilt blood scanner and during checking the blood group, Chitti message will show as analyzing DNA.

8. Is talking to mosquito a silly scene?
Some people claim that talking with mosquito is a silly scene. But languages and tones will have different frequencies. So when he is speaking with mosquitoes the change in frequency message will appear. (This is also excellent thinking by writer Sujatha who will explain global recession in a single word to the common man. He just wants to explain to the common man what Robot can do.) Also the scene makes people and children aware of the water borne diseases spread by mosquitoes. Now you tell… Is that a silly scene?

9. Whether this is copy of any Hollywood film?
Oliver Stone, the winner of 3 Oscar awards for direction said to the reporters it is the best Indian film he had seen with such originality.

10. Is there anything special about Resool Pookutty’s sound editing?
Yes. In all the scenes Chitty is moving hands, walking and any movement machine sound will appear all the time. (like kirk Kirk).

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